Knowing how to respond to the needs of teenagers isn’t always easy and there are no ‘right’ answers. Every young person is different but it can help us in our role as parents to find out more about teenagers, to reflect on how we interact with them and, when necessary, to seek more advice and support if we need it.


A Time of change


Between the ages of 12 -19 years, young people go through a period of change. They not only develop physically but they also experience emotional changes because of what is happening in their brain.

Alongside this, they can start to experience increased pressure from friendships and exams and all of this can make them anxious and stressed.


Young people are on the verge of entering a potentially exciting time in their life but it can also feel very confusing and sometimes even a bit frightening. To help support these changes, parents may want to adjust the way they parent in order to respond to the very different needs of their teenage child.