13 June 2017
Emotion Coaching Evaluation


Emotion Coaching - Latest Evaluation Published


We are very pleased to announce that the latest evaluation of the Public Health funded Emotion Coaching Project has now been published.

Emotion Coaching, which has been running for the last two years, forms part of the Somerset Children and Young People's Health and Wellbeing in Learning Programme.

Emotion Coaching has been delivered in Somerset by Bath Spa University and an organisation called EHCAP and follows a 5-step method that builds emotional intelligence and resilience in children. The project is based on the work of psychotherapist, Dr John Gottman and child psychiatrist, Dan Siegel. 

This report shows that engagement in an Emotion Coaching approach can lead to:


  • Increased empathetic behaviours and understanding the repertoire of emotions

  • Increased self-regulation of behaviour

  • Increased enjoyment and engagement in education and achievement

  • Improved relationships and communication 

To download a copy of the summary report go to:Emotion Coaching - Executive summary.pdf