Health Improvement Award – Foundation Level


The Biennial Health Audit

To achieve a Foundation Level Certificate, you will need to review your current practice in improving health and wellbeing. To do this, schools, colleges and other settings will need to complete a biennial Health Audit. The Health Audit acts as a self-assessment checklist which will help you to identify and celebrate all the positive health-related developments you have made. It will also identify any areas where you may need to take action or develop further work.


Actions for achieving Foundation Level – Biennial Health Audit:

  • Complete the Biennial Health Audit (you will need to be a registered user of this website; have 'attached' yourself to a school, college or other setting; and to be logged-in to do this)
  • Record and upload evidence to say you are achieving required Foundation Level standard

The Health Audit is a series of criteria covering a wide range of health and well-being indicators that will show how healthy your school is. Each of the criterion represent the essential elements that make up a healthy school and will provide settings with a valuable starting point for further health promotion. We have developed a specific Biennial Audit Tool for three different settings: Early Years, Schools and FE College/Sixth Forms. Schools run the audit every two years.


How to run the Biennial Health Audit


The audit will ask you to grade your school, college or setting as follows:


Green level – you meet all of the requirements for this criterion. Press the Green button.

Amber level – you meet some of the requirements. You can put in place procedures to be able to meet the full requirements over the next two years. Press the Amber button.

Red level – you meet none of the requirements for this criterion. Press the Red button.


Health Audit - Guide:

  • Try to bring a range of staff together to support the completion of the audit including school governors, parents, support staff, children, young people and your school nurse.
  • At each stage of the audit you will be provided with examples of what a healthy school or setting looks like for each of the criteria. This will help you to self-review your provision.
  • If you assess your school or setting as Green, there is no requirement to add any text to the box. This is because by pressing Green you are declaring that you meet all of the required standards for that criterion.
  • If you select Red you are declaring you meet none of the requirements. You may like to record in the text box what your next actions will be to get to Amber.
  • If you select the Amber level, we would like you to record which elements of the criterion you are meeting, and which you still need to put into place in order to get to Green level over the next two years.
  • A school or setting does not need to be Green for every criterion in order to achieve Foundation Level status. A school or setting might indicate a mixture of Green and Amber. Providing it is clear from the Amber text box what procedures the school is putting in place over the next two years to move it from Amber level to Green level.
  • If a school is scoring Red against any of the criteria, it will not be able to achieve the Foundation Level status. If this is the case you should contact Fiona Moir () in the Children and Young People’s Public Health Team to discuss how we can support you to make progress.
  • Remember to select ‘save’ after completing each section.
  • Once a school has submitted their Biennial Audit they can begin to work on the Targeted Intervention Programme and achieve Enhanced Level Health Promotion status.